Monday, January 16, 2012

Crayon Art I thought I would go into this project and pretty much own it. I mean, all I have to do it melt some crayons on canvas and it turns out perfect, right? Wrong. My words of wisdom? This is a very messy project so be prepared for that. It will not be perfect, by any means. So this is how mine turned out compared to the brilliant Pinner that pinned this. Mine looks much more messy, but I'm pretty happy with it! I ran the crayons through a small hot glue gun instead of melting them with a hair dryer. If you do this project, make sure to use a cheap hot glue gun that you don't mind ruining, because there will be melted crayon ALL over it. Also, be careful because the crayons that I used basically liquefied and turned to water. This resulted in painful burns on my arms (did I mention that I am an extremely clumsy person?) Nonetheless, I would definitely do this project again. It looks pretty great hanging in my apartment, if I do say so myself! ;)

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