Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chicken Wild Rice Casserole

So I really REALLY disliked this recipe. My boyfriend has some kind of weird love for casseroles so I thought I would try and find an interesting one (*sigh* men...). Well I guess I was successful in that this was interesting...but it was SO incredibly bland. It's full of green beans and rotisserie chicken along with water chestnuts and wild rice. It hardly tasted like anything and it made wayyy too much for the two of us. I hated it and I was forced to eat this slop for four days straight because I hate wasting food. Just don't make this, okay? If you really want to make chicken wild rice casserole, try going to They're awesome and there's tons of reviews to make sure you don't get disgusted like me.

Here's the recipe if you still feel obligated to make this:

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